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Salt lamps are an awesome Halloween decorations for 2020

Salt lamps as Halloween decorations! With fall coming up everyone’s favorite Halloween decorations 2020holiday is just around the corner; Halloween! This magical holiday gives everyone the chance to live out their favorite horror movie fantasy, dress up as their favorite characters all the while eating Halloween candy, feasting on Halloween dinners and the best part – getting to decorate the house with jack-o-lanterns, and all the other good spooky stuff. But if you are looking for creative Halloween decorations this year, we have got spooky decorating ideas for you!

Salt lamp USA offers a variety of ideas for Halloween decorations, while keeping the same calming and relaxing atmosphere but adding an element of mysterious and spooky too! In this blog we are going to share our top picked ideas for Halloween decoration done by using our fine quality salt lamps! The key feature of these decorating ideas is a pink salt lamp. For the best selection of witchy salt lamps and more, be sure to visit Salt lamp USA where we offer something for all tastes and styles.


Four Halloween decoration ideas using pink salt lamps

Enchantress’s ferment for an awesome Halloween decorations!

Your Halloween party is incomplete without an enchantress’s smoking cauldron, this will add to the spookiness of your Halloween decorations. You can replace the bulb in our salt lamps with a color of your choice! For a picture perfect witch’s cauldron use a green colored bulb in the salt lamp and place it in a cauldron, to create the smoking effect use dry ice or a smoke machine, you can also adjust the intensity of the light from the dimmer, this will allow you to create a dark and mysterious effect!

This will simply add a feather in your cap! To make it look more realistic and spooky you can add tiny decorative witches to the cauldron, this will make it look like the witches are strong and determined in creating the right potion!  Halloween decorations 2020

What’s better than a Crystal globe?

Following the Halloween theme you can create a crystal globe that will foresee the future of your successes! You can do this by taking our globe pink sat lamp, changing the bulb to the color of your lighting, add a dark colored cloth to the table, place some Tarot cards, some dark and musky candles and of course place the globe in the center! And there you have it your fortune teller table is to go!

To further add to your psychic Halloween decoration corner, create the illusion of a glowing crystal ball, make a small incision in the cloth to run the cord through, which can then be hidden underneath the tablecloth. Next, place the salt lamp in the center of the table (concealing the cord), placing a few creepy candles around the salt lamp. Sprinkle glitter on the table, and voila! Then, you can dress up as an enchantress or gypsy to add more life to this prop and make it the show stopper of all your Halloween decorations

A Witch’s Familiar is an essential Halloween decoration!

What good a witch is without her familiar? A good witch always has her familiar with her, to help her perfect her witchcraft, may it be a cat or a dog, a familiar is essential! Lucky for you we have got you covered for your Halloween decorations! At Salt lamp USA we feature an exquisite range of handcrafted salt lamps. Our one of a kind salt lamps that would go perfect for this Halloween theme is our pink salt cat lamp! This salt lamp glows to which ever color you please and would be just the perfect prop! Place this cat lamp next to your witch-themed Halloween decoration or you can dress it up in a little witch costume and let this prop shine on its own.

Last but not least – a ghastly blazing bowl!

From our exclusive range we bring you a salt lamp carved in the shape of a fire bowl! This Himalayan salt lamp is handcrafted to perfection and when lit up it creates the most radiant yet spooky glow! This will manoeuvre as a stunning Halloween decoration! Place it anywhere to add to your spooky aesthetics, may it be the snack bar or the main party area. You can always change the bulb to a colour of your choice, this will add an extra kick to your Halloween decorations!  You can also place in in a salt circle light candles around it and call upon all the ghosts and ghouls! There are a hundred different ways to play around with this Halloween decoration and trust us, you do not want to sit back on this one!

Find your ghoul-mate salt lamp this Halloween season!

Now that we’ve told you some of our most creative yet spooky ways for decorating salt lamps as Halloween decoration then what are you waiting for! Shop our exquisite range now at Apart from being the perfect Halloween decoration our salt lamps can be used to light up any room instantly, may it be your office, living area, bedroom or as a treat for your guests in the guest bedroom! Our pink salt lamps have numerous benefits to them, not only do they add to the aesthetics of the room but they also help clean out the pollutants from the air, my emitting positive radiations and omitting negative ones. It’s beneficial for your help and aura!

Visit Salt Lamp USA today to get on board with this exclusive and luxurious experience!



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