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Awe-inspiring Halloween decorations with a twist this season 2020

Halloween decorations

Halloween decorations with pink salt lamps!

Summer is officially over, fall is stepping in and Halloween decorations are the new buzz. With fall comes the dawn of the holiday seasons, Halloween and Christmas! Apart from the hot chocolate, pumpkin spice, Halloween decorations, costumes and much more that come with the warm and welcoming hugs of the fall season. It’s a time for celebration! Halloween decorations

Salt lamps as Halloween decorations!

There is only so much you can think of when it comes to Halloween decorations, it is everyone’s goal to do better than last year. Caught up thinking about your Halloween decorations? Worry no more because Salt lamp USA ( is here to save you from all the conundrum! Spook up your house this year with salt lamps as the perfect Halloween decorations! This will make you stand out all the while making your Halloween decorations unique, awe-inspiring yet still following that supernatural, magical and mysterious theme.

Halloween decorations are a tradition and go way back to the ancient times! When people used to put out candy to scare bribe the ghosts and ghouls and would wear masks to hide there true faces from Samhain, so he won’t come and take their souls, but there is nothing to worry about as those were the old times, the modern day Halloween is not-so-dark and is supposed to be fun and refreshing as it is the most awaited time of the year! What better way to keep the tradition alive and add to the fun with Salt lamp USA salt lamps. (


Our Himalayan salt lamps are hand carved to perfection, all the while adding details to the intricate designs. These salt lamps have multiple uses, apart from health benefits and aiding in the aesthetic beauty of the house/room they can be used as Halloween decorations too – it’s time to get creative! Our salt lamps help prevent negative energies by releasing positively charged particles/radiations, it helps keep the aura calm and peaceful and keeps all the ghosts and ghouls at bay! Halloween decorations


To satiate your salt lamp needs Salt lamp USA is the place to be, as our salt comes straight from the Himalayan salt range, providing excellent quality and craftsmanship, durable and high quality pink salt products can only be found here! ( our lamps come with a dimmer cord so you can set the mood for your Halloween decorations by simply rotating the dimmer to either brighten or lighten the light. The dimmer cord attaches to any bulb so you can opt for green spooky lights in order to add a little extra to the Halloween spirit!

Apart from being an awesome idea for Halloween decorations, our salt lamps make one-of-a-kind gifts for your loved ones! whether its for your friend, family members, little ones or lovers, there something in store for everyone at Salt lamp USA. Keep an eye out for our salt lamps this holiday season as they would make the perfect gift for anyone and everyone!

So don’t miss this opportunity to make your home stand out from the rest of your community this Halloween by adding Himalayan Salt Lamps to your holiday decorations.

Our salt lamps come in a variety of shapes, themes and sizes, make sure to check out our website to view our full collection! (

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