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Cooking steak on a pink salt block in just 4 steps! Himalayan salt lamp

Cooking steak

If you thought Salt lamp USA’s collection was only confined to salt lamps, think again! Allow us to introduce you to our Himalayan salt block, a one-of-a-kind product that will make your culinary experience worthwhile and will make your food taste spectacular!

Let us show you the right way cooking a salty, succulent steak – that too on a salt block!

Cooking steak just got better!

For cooking steak all you have to do is buy a Himalayan salt block provided by Salt lamp USA ( ) to ensure the best quality and cooking experience. Once received, let your inner Master Chef drive you!

For cooking steak – heat it up!                                           cooking steak on pink salt blockcooking steak on pink salt block

This is where things get heated, literally. It is important that you follow the given instruction in order to cook the best steak of your lifetime. Heat it 3 times for 20 minutes of different flame settings; heat on low, then medium and then finally high until your block is sizzling and is ready to cook that steak. Follow these instructions if you want your steak to be golden and caramelized on the outside, while on the inside the salt cuts through the meat giving it a taste that you will never forget.

Don’t rush the heating process, do it gradually as above mentioned in order to extend the longevity of the pink salt block. The block may crack if heated up suddenly. Use an infrared thermometer as you need a surface temperature of 500 degrees for cooking your perfect steak. If you don’t have the thermometer available then don’t worry, another way to find out if the block is ready is by sprinkling some water on it, if it gives a violent sizzle then viola! Your block is ready to cook some delicious steak.

The moment you’ve been waiting for – put your steak on the block!

Kudos to you as you’ve perfected the art of heating up the steak, that’s all you needed to do for cooking steak Get ready for a mouth-watering, gratifying, delicious salty succulent steak, that too a healthy one!

Show Time for cooking steak!

Place your steak or meat on the pink salt block, grab a metal spatula/tongs and flip your meat to cook it properly, so that not one inch of it is deprived from the salty goodness of the pink salt block! Keep flips sides until you get the desired look/color. Once cooked to your satisfaction take off your steak from the pink salt block.

Caution for cooking steak!

As much as we’d like to be a culinary God, sadly were not, were just the provider of a tool, a tool that will aid you in cooking that perfect steak and will become a staple in your culinary journey! The way you want to cook the steak is up to your personal preference, so without imposing “how you should or shouldn’t cook your steak” we’d just like to say that cook your steak properly before you eat.

Time to clean up the proper way

As this is a salt block we are talking about, you can just rush it under the water like a normal skillet and start scrubbing it, treat the block with love and care that it deserves. Allow the salt block to cool for an hour at least. Then by using a damp sponge without soap gently scrub the block to remove any steak residue. Wipe it with a clean dry towel and repeat the process if needed in order to get rid of all the food residue.


This information is for educational purposes only and has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Salt lamp USA, ( L.L.C. or its sister concern companies are not responsible for any misuse of Himalayan Salt Product or responsible of the above stated benefits.

Still confused? Click here to watch step by step on how to cook the perfect steak on a pink salt block!


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